VIP Package: Perfect Cleanliness

Einmalige oder regelmäßige ReinigungUncompromising sparkle for the whole house or apartment. A thorough clean for a brilliant result, without you having to lift a finger yourself.

  • basic package plus:
  • dust removed from all upholstered furniture
  • renewed satin shine on leather upholstery
  • hotplates/ceramic top, oven, refrigerator, and microwave are sparkling clean
  • tiles and fittings are descaled
  • lamps, sockets, and doors just shine
  • and much, much more
24h Sauberkeits-Garanie

Includes 24h cleanliness guarantee.
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HappyMaids, cleaners and cleaning service for private use, apartments and houses. Throughout Germany in Aschaffenburg, Augsburg, Berlin, Bonn, Chiemgau, Dresden, Essen, Freiburg, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Leipzig, Mainz, Nuremberg, Rhine/Ruhr, Rosenheim, Stuttgart, south-western Bavaria and Wiesbaden.